“There’s never enough time to do it right, but there is always enough time to do it again”

1 08 2007

The number one complaint that I hear when I recommend meditation is the time that it takes. Time is the controlling factor for most of us in the western world.

What gets sacrificed is our health, relationships with our families, our wellbeing, eating right and exercise. The old adage, “There’s never enough time to do it right, but there is always enough time to do it again”. Intuitively we know when we are cutting corners, missing out on opportunities and lying to ourselves about what is really important.

When you start lying to yourself, it’s time to start something new. I say the answer is developing your “Business Intuition“. You see, trusting our intuition requires being complete honest with one’s self. I have been a “Business Intuitive” since 1987. I have assisted 100s of people with major life choices and decisions. Before I would dare to assist anyone else, I have to completely trust myself.

But what about time. That’s simple. You see, the only, mistakes that I have made in the past 20 years is when I did no take the time for myself. The time to meditate (clear my mind), exercise (develop a healthy lifestyle), take 1 day off a week (to rest and re-create myself). Time is an illusion. When asked to explain The Special Theory of relativity in layman’s terms, Einstein explained it like this “One minute spent sitting on a hot stove seems like and hour, but one hour spent with a lovely young lady in conversation seems but like a minute. That’s Relativity.”

Each business owner, professional and entrepreneur has areas of our life and work that seem effortless. The key key is to have those tasks be what we are paid to do. Then our time is spent blissfully in our highest purpose being paid to do what we love to do! That to me is Heaven on Earth.


  • If you’re too busy to meditate, your just too busy.
  • If you’re too busy to exercise, your just too busy.
  • If you’re too busy to be with your family, you’re just too busy.

“Business is a disease best treated by meditation.” Terry Hall – The Small Business Prophet(tm)

All my love,





2 responses

6 08 2007
Craig Sturkol

Hi Terry,
i wanted to thank you for creating this site and for sharring your empathy for the struggle of the business owner. i imediately noticed my automatic response of “i don’t have enough time” just as you said most business owners do when considering taking the time to meditate.
My thoughts the last couple of days have been about the future of my life and business and clearing my mind from the clutter and apprehensions that i naturally tend to project there, specifically with the intention of achieving a feeling of being free to do what i know to do.
Often i know what needs to be done but i get stopped fears and end up procrastinating and thinking about tasks and projects rather than acting on them.
I think making the time to meditate and getting a frame of mind where the future is clear will offer me a greater vission for my future naturally.
To be totally honest i must admit with as busy a guy as i am, the thought of stopping to meditate seems like being tied to a chair. So my mind is still resisting, though intellectually it makes sense.
I am looking forward to your sharing more about your personal experience of meditation so that it might occur to me more experiencially inspiring.
That voice in my head is sceaming “you’re just going to be sitting there doing nothing! hows that going to help!” 😉

28 10 2007


I have to agree with you on this blog. Often, we do not take the time we need to perfect ourselves or our lives. We tend to throw our gears into overdrive, thinking we are able to speed through life without a scratch. But if we had slowed down and went the speed limit, we would have made it safely to our destination.
More and more people in the world have begun this process. Losing track of the important things in life. I’ve begun to understand the importance of giving myself a “time out” from time to time. So that I may bring myself back to reality, and prioritize my life when it becomes to get jumbled and chaotic. The more I do this, the easier my life gets on a day to day basis.

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